With winter approaching, Western Australians are encouraged to get vaccinated for influenza and stay up to date with the latest dose of their COVID-19 vaccination.

In May, everyone in Western Australia can get a free flu vaccine to protect themselves over the peak influenza period. It is especially recommended for young children, older adults, those with underlying medical conditions, and for healthcare workers and staff working with children.

Influenza is a highly contagious respiratory illness that can cause life-threatening complications and getting vaccinated will help prevent people from severe illness this winter.

Getting a free flu vaccine in May should optimise protection over the peak period for influenza transmission in Western Australia – typically from June to September.

Currently, government funded free flu vaccines are available throughout the flu season for the following groups:

As COVID-19 infections continue to increase in the community, Western Australians are also encouraged to also take their COVID-19 vaccination, which can be received on the same day as the flu vaccine.

To get your free flu vaccine in May, book your appointment at participating GPs, community pharmacies and Aboriginal Medical Services. Stay healthy this winter by continuing to practise good hygiene habits such as washing your hands,  staying home if unwell, and keeping up to date with your vaccinations. 

For more information about staying well this winter and to book your free flu vaccine visit Staying healthy in winter